Friday, November 10, 2017

Nena Kerner (German musician)

Nena (born March 24, 1960 in Hagen , bourgeois Gabriele Susanne Kerner ) is a German pop musician . With the hit 99 balloons of her band Nena became internationally known in 1983. With 25 million records sold worldwide, it is one of the most successful artists in German music history.

Personal Life

Nena Kerner was born on March 24, 1960 in Hagen . At that time, her parents lived in Breckerfeld . During a holiday in Spain at the age of three, she was called by the locals "niña", the Spanish word for "girl" that formed the nickname Nena in her family. She has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. Nena spent the first five years of her childhood in Breckerfeld. After that, she moved with her family to Hagen, where the Pelmkegrundschule in Wehringhausen visited to then the Christian-Rohlfs-Gymnasiumin Hagen-Haspe , which she left prematurely after the eleventh grade. She graduated at the request of her parents training as a goldsmith .

In the 1980s, Nena had a secret, one-year affair with Udo Lindenberg . In 1987, Nena met the actor Benedict Freitag know. He is the father of her firstborn son (1988-1989) and the twins born in 1990. With Philipp Palm, a twelve-year younger drummer and music producer from Esslingen am Neckar , Nena has two other children. The family lives in Hamburg-Rahlstedt .

 In April 2007, Nena announced the founding of the co-initiated by her " New School Hamburg ", which was opened in September 2007 in Hamburg- Rahlstedt. At this Democratic school with space for at first 85 students was first learned and taught in Germany after the Sudbury model . Nena said in an interview, she herself had a boring schooling. In September 2009, Nena pledged to be a follower of the Indian sect guru Osho, who died in 1990 ; she practices his Dynamic Meditation.


In November 1977, Nena met in the Hagen discotheque Madison the guitarist Rainer Kitzmann , who offered her to join as a singer in his band The Stripes . She accepted and already in 1978 followed live performances. The first single Strangers appeared in late 1979. The LP, as the band called The Stripes , appeared in 1980. Three more singles were decoupled, but were like the LP is not a great success. The band appeared in 1980 with the piece Ecstasy in the plate kitchen and in February 1981 with the song Tell me your name on the television program Disco . In the same year the band split up.

Nena then moved to West Berlin on invitation of the record label CBS Records with her former partner Rolf Brendel , with whom she had come together at the Stripes . There they founded with the keyboarder Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen , the guitarist Carlo Karges and the bassist Jürgen Dehmel the band named after her - Nena . In May 1982, the single Only Dreamed , their sales figures after a television appearance in the show music storeon 17 August 1982 skyrocketed. On 13 September 1982, the band then reached a placement in the German charts for the first time.